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Wyke Farms Cheese

We have long been fans of Wyke Farms Cheddar Cheese.

Wyke Farms Cheddar has been in production in Somerset for over 150 years now. Production methods have changes somewhat since Granny Ivy Clothier began making her cheese and selling it at one of the local stores, but the family still use her traditional recipe.

We like having a good, strong-flavoured cheddar in our fridge, one that is tangy, with a full-flavoured bite to it – it makes a better cheese sauce (for one thing you need less of it to give the sauce a good flavour), or for eating with biscuits, in sandwiches or on toast. Wyke’s cheddar fills the bill perfectly.

Look out for the Just Delicious Extra Mature, Simply Gorgeous Vintage, Rich & Creamy Mature and Ivy’s Vintage Reserve – one of our particular favourites.

However, it has to be said we were bowled over with the taste of the Super Light Somerset Mature. Normally we find low fat cheese not particularly interesting, but this one is good. It came about when company chairman John Clothier was told he had high cholesterol. So his son, Richard, set about creating an alternative. He has. It has 90% less cholesterol than regular cheddar, contains only 1.3% saturated fat, is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, contains vitamin E and also has the same amount of calcium as cheddar – and it tastes great.

Our next supermarket trolley will include in it, along with the cheese, some of Ivy’s Original Farmhouse Butter. We’re not sure whether to go for the Salted or Unsalted though.

NB: Wyke Farms with the support of the Co-operative Group is also supporting the Help for Heroes charity. A minimum of 3 pence from each endorsed Help for Heroes pack of butter and 7 pence from the cheese is being contributed to the Help for Heroes charity.


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