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Wild and Game Pâtés

Wild and Game’s aim is to turn the UK into a nation of game lovers. We already are, but game pâtés were a new taste experience for us. We loved them.

Along with a wide range of products made from this low in fat, high in protein meat are now super tasty pâtés – Grouse, Brandy and Herb Pâté and Pheasant, Pistachio and Port Pâté. They come in neat little 120g pots. The pots have handy resealable lids if you can’t finish a pot in one sitting.

Full of flavour pâtès

One friend said she preferred coarse pâtés but we have always preferred the smooth variety. However, even our friend admitted that these were pretty special. Both are full of flavour and we thought them absolutely delicious, fighting over the last few morsels left in the bottoms of the pots.

To be honest we could not detect the brandy in the Grouse, Brandy and Herb Pâté – but the herbs were certainly there, yet not overpowering. Neither could we taste the pistachio in the Pheasant, Pistachio and Port Pâté – but we knew it existed from the little green flecks – and certainly the port rounded out the flavour wonderfully. Each of the pâtés cost £3.50. We intend to stock up.

Wide range of game products

Huge congratulations to Wild and Game founders Steven Frampton and Michael Cannon and their development chefs who came up with the final recipes.

Wild and Game is a not-for-profit company founded only a year ago. They offer a wide variety of game products which are available from their website and which are also finding their way into pubs, restaurants, and shops.

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