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Wild and Game Layered Pies

We had enjoyed Wild and Game pâtés so much that, come last December, we decided to place a bulk online order for more, plus some other interesting looking goodies from the company, so as to stock up the freezer for Christmas and to last into the new year.

With family off elsewhere and not being great turkey fans we decided to have the Wild and Game pheasant we had ordered for our Christmas Day feast, plus all the trimmings of course. It was delicious and the resulting stock made from the carcass was soon turned into an equally delicious soup.

A Boxing Day Game Pie

Boxing Day was taken care of with a new addition to the Wild and Game range – a Grouse and Pheasant Layered Pie. Inside its crisp, raised pastry case were large chunks of grouse and pheasant meat blanketed beneath a rich pâté made from grouse breast, chicken liver and seasonings. We very much enjoyed its distinctive gamey flavour.

It’s ready to eat cold, so would be a great addition to a picnic, as well as making the nice change that it did to our more usual Boxing Day cold turkey, salad and baked potatoes.

The large pie serves four and costs £6.35, a smaller version £1.75. We’ve not tried it yet but we’ve spotted that there is also a pork and pheasant pie for £5.50 which sounds good too. Delivery charges apply.

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