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Vinnebago Vacuum Flasks

We like our white wine nicely chilled, not tepid! But keeping a bottle chilled for al fresco dining or supping is a tad difficult, if not impossible.

Well we thought it was; but now there are Vinnebago Vacuum Flasks.

Each matte-black, stylish stainless steel flask holds a full bottle of wine and can keep it cold for 25 hours.

Terrific; no bottles to try and get rid of at the end of an evening, no need for a cooler and ice and because it is triple-walled it doesn’t sweat with condensation.

All we have to do is pour in your chilled wine, or whatever drink you want to keep cold, and seal it with the screw-on cap.

Incidentally it can also be used as a more conventional vacuum flask and will keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours.

But unlike a conventional vacuum flask – if it is dropped there is no glass lining to break.

The Vinnebago is available at priced £29.99.

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