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Congratulations to Vegusto for winning the Store Cupboard Category for their ‘Cheese’ Sauce at the 2014 FreeFrom Food Awards. But they are no stranger to winning awards. Since 2012, when the company arrived in the UK, they have won a number of awards for their vegan cheeses and meat-free products.

Vegusto products are made in Switzerland and are 100% natural, 80% organic. No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives are used and they are also non-GM and trans fat free. They are not only dairy free, but they are also gluten, soya and egg free too.

One product, the No-Moo sauce, in the vegan cheese range, is also nut-free so it is great for people with nut allergies.

OK, the cheese substitute products didn’t taste quite like strong cheese, but they really did have a cheesy taste. A good substitute for Vegans or anybody with serious allergy problems. 

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