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Turci Seasoning Sprays

We like to grow our own herbs so we can use them fresh in the kitchen. Dried herbs have never done it for us, and whilst we do freeze excess crops, freezing them isn’t necessarily the answer either.

With winter coming on and our herbs, like basil, having fallen victim to slugs and frosts , fresh herbs have become something of a problem; but not any longer. We have taken to using the very useful Turci Seasoning Sprays.

Turci Seasoning Sprays originated in Italy

At first we were doubtful. However, a spray of chilli onto a quick baked bean /jacket potato supper began to convince us.

Cautiously another evening we tried a spray of garlic and one of oregano into a tomato sauce destined for pasta, and whilst we were about it added a spray of basil too. The sprays can be used for both hot and cold dishes.


Turci Seasoning Sprays originated in Italy, in Tuscany to be precise, thanks to the Turci family. They had opened a grocery store in Florence in 1915, quickly building up a reputation for ingredients. Later, in the 1950s Guido Turci began producing a range of condiments for the store.

Basil, Chilli, Garlic and Oregano

Their product range now includes these clever 100% natural cold-pressed liquid herb sprays, four of which are available in the UK: Basil, Garlic, Chilli and Oregano.

Basil contains 100 basil leaves, Chilli 25 red chillies, Garlic 50 fresh garlic cloves and Oregano 100 fresh oregano leaves. Each small 40ml bottle holds over 200 sprays and once opened there is no need to keep them refrigerated. There are no flavourings, preservatives or food colourings and each spray only adds 2 calories to a dish!

These spray herbs have certainly earned their place in our store cupboard.

Turci Seasoning Sprays, RRP £2. Available from Tesco stores and online

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