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The Tapas Bar Guide

Tapas! We like tapas – those versatile small plates of informal, bite-sized yumminess – great for sharing and for trying out different flavours and delicacies. Thank you Spain for introducing tapas to the rest of the world!

And thank you too to Anthony Rose and Isabel Cuevas for your Tapas Bar Guide for the UK.

The authors have endeavoured to profile most of the best tapas bars in the country (though it has to be said most of them are in London) highlighting their own special favourite top 10.

Along with the individual restaurant listings are notes on the history and origins of tapas as well as what to drink with them (including useful descriptions and listings of many Spanish wines).

And for people who love to cook – at the back of the book a wonderful selection of recipes. Yummy!

The Tapas Bar Guide. Anthony Rose and Isabel Cuevas. ISBN: 978-1-909808-06-5. £10.99. Grub Street.

Available on Amazon.

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