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The Hairy Bikers’ Meat Feasts

A friend cooked a delicious pork chop casserole for us recently – pork chops with fennel and cider.

Thumbing through The Hairy Bikers’ Meat Feasts I came across a recipe for pork chops with fennel and lemon. Straightforward to prepare it looks terrific and one we will most definitely be making.

It is optional, but think I might have to go out and buy the recommended ouzo – I would hate to spoil the sauce. But we do have some pig’s cheeks in the freezer waiting for a suitable recipe – hooray, we’ve found one.

As Si King and Dave Myers readily admit this book is for carnivores and is ‘an unashamed celebration of meat’: preferably meat from animals that have been properly reared and fed, and have been given time to grow and roam.

They are not advocating that we eat large quantities of it either, as is witnessed by the chapter ‘A Little Goes a Long Way’, full of tasty looking recipes that help both the family budget and our health.

Bacon Jam was a new idea to us – but spread on hot, buttered toast or as the filling for a roly poly – we can see where they are coming from.

And what a good idea to include a chapter on ‘Basics and Side Dishes’: how to make stock, sauces, veg side dishes which includes our favourite triple-cooked chips and everybody’s favourite – Yorkshire Pudding.

At the back of the book some useful and interesting pages on meat, and diagrams showing where the various cuts have come from.

The Hairy Bikers’ Meat Feasts is also beautifully illustrated and is already well on its way to becoming our ‘meat bible’.

The Hairy Bikers’ Meat Feasts. Si King and Dave Myers.
ISBN: 978-0-2978-6737-1. £22. Wiedenfield & Nicholson. 

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