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The Flavours of Andalucia

Any book by Elisabeth Luard is a joy to read and The Flavours of Andalucia is no exception.
This atmospheric book covers the eight provinces of Andalucia from its coast to its plains and its hills, not forgetting the towns and villages.

Greens, acorns, duck and more

The many recipes in the book are each prefaced with a delightful anecdotal paragraph and range from simple and straightforward to slightly more difficult.
Who could resist her easy recipe for Fritos de verduras – Green fritters – a delicious way of persuading veggie-shy eaters to eat their greens.
Our attention was also caught by Torta de bellotas – Acorn cake. We knew that acorns have long been used as a coffee substitute but had never thought of them as a staple food crop.
Evidently they were an invaluable source of food in the Spanish Civil War. The cake itself sounds delicious, and for those of us without an abundant supply of acorns to hand for grinding into flour– hazelnuts or indeed any other type of nut can be used.
And the recipe for Pato a la sevillana – Duck with orange – has us salivating with anticipation – but first we need to buy our duck.

An inspirational travel book too

An award-winning food writer, Elizabeth Luard is as skillful with a paintbrush as with her pen – charming water colours grace the book’s pages enhancing her beautifully chosen words creating tantalising pictures of the people and places she knows so well.
For all that her recipes draw us like magnets to create the dishes for ourselves she is also an inspirational travel writer.
Her words reach out and hold us, making us long to board a plane and see for ourselves Andalucia’s ‘silver seas, pearl-white villages…green vines, ochre-veined cliffs…’ . The Flavours of Andalucia is a sheer joy.
The Flavours of Andalucia. Elizabeth Luard
ISBN: 978-1-910690-48-2.

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