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The Bluffer’s Guide to Food

Neil Davey has compiled a delightful, entertaining little book – The Bluffer’s Guide to Food. However it is not just entertaining, it is also jolly useful.

Lots of useful bits of information has worked its way into the pages – particularly in the Shopping Around section which tells the reader what sort of thing to look for when choosing meat, fish, etc.

I am now planning on pointing out to friends next time one of us chooses a scotch egg for lunch that the word scotch has nothing to do with Scotland, as I had always thought.

No, scotch is simply an old term for covering with meat!

To help impress friends with your knowledge about leading restaurants in the world there are some useful suggestions on what casual comments you should drop into conversations.

Plus a useful little Glossary of appropriately foody words (we would have liked more) that can be used to impress, along with a fair amount of names to drop.

The Bluffer’s Guide to Food. Neil Davey. ISBN: 978-1-909937-12-3. £6.99. Bluffer’s. 

Available on Amazon.

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