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Tavernello Wines

Already the winter evenings are beginning to lengthen, snowdrops and crocus are in flower and thoughts begin to drift towards leisurely lunches or relaxed evenings in the garden with a glass of wine.

Looking for a couple of easy drinking, reasonably priced wines to serve with or without food?

Then it is not a bad idea to have a look at Tavernello’s Vino d’Italia Bianco and Vino d’Italia Rosso.

The tasting notes for the Rosso mention delicate floral scents of violets and roses and lively flavours of blackcurrant and berry balanced with spicy, peppery notes.

Our palates are not educated enough to pick up the floral or blackcurrant flavours, but we did get red fruit along with a mild spicy, peppery note ending in a dry finish.

As to the straw-greenish tinged Bianco with its bouquet of peach and lychee, this is a good wine for those of us who also like their white wine crisply dry. Almost too moreish!!

These easy drinking wines offer great value and are on sale at Tesco stores at £3.49 each.


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