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The Stormhoek Stack

Wine in sealed glasses isn’t exactly new, but a whole bottle of wine in sealed glasses? That was new to us.

And a very good idea we think it is too. The Stormhoek Stack is quite obviously great for picnics or other outdoor events because it is much lighter to carry than a regular wine bottle.

Yet it holds the same amount of wine as a standard bottle and because the stack is made up of four individual ready-to-drink, shatterproof, glasses there is no need to carry either a corkscrew or wine glasses.

But we like it for another reason. Each glass is individually foil sealed – you just peel off the foil – and because each glass is individually sealed the wine stays fresh. According to the blurb it will remain fresh for 96 weeks. Perfect for anybody who just enjoys an occasional glass of wine or prefers to control how much they drink.

Each glass holds 187ml of wine, and comes in at 150 calories; they are also 100% recyclable.

In all honesty it did feel a bit strange not drinking from a wine glass without a stem but once over that hurdle we were well away. The wine, chardonnay in this instance, comes from Stormhoek in South Africa’s Western Cape, and very acceptable it was too. We look forward to seeing other wine varieties on the shelves soon – please!

The Stormhoek Stack is available from selected Tesco stores at £7.49. 

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