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It is great to see that sherry is coming back into vogue as a drink; for some of us however, it never went out of fashion – from very dry to sweet there is one for every palate, a perfect accompaniment to tapas, and indeed for every course in a meal.

This is the sixth edition of Julian Jeffs’s excellent book, surely making it the definitive work about this luscious wine.

Jeffs eases us in gently with a review of the Jerez region – its landscape, its history and its connections with the wine trade.

It then introduces the reader to cultivation and production.

For serious sherry imbibers there is also a useful section on shippers as well as appendices covering such topics as a glossary of terms, statistics and a detailed bibliography.

If we have a criticism of the book it is that we would have liked a few more illustrations – it is rather text heavy.

Sherry. Julian Jeffs. ISBN: 978-1-908984-296. £35. Infinite Ideas.

Available on Amazon.

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