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Seed & Bean Chocolate

Seed & Bean make a range of organic, ethical chocolate bars in a wide range of flavours. There are 18 different bars to choose from and what is more 12 of them are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The company, only produces the bars in very small batches of 45 litres, whereas most companies start at 10,000, and better still the flavours are genuine – no man-made flavours in these bars. The raspberries are freeze dried; the cardamom is from crushed whole pods; the sea salt from Cornwall. Not only can the chocolate be traced from bean to bar but even the wrapping is compostable, it is produced in the UK using Cumbrian eucalyptus leaves!

So far we have enjoyed the white chocolate with lemon and poppy seeds, the extra dark chocolate coconut and raspberry, and both the milk and extra dark chocolate Cornish sea salt bars.

One of us really dislikes white chocolate but was persuaded to nibble a piece. Big mistake. We had to fight for the rest of the bar. We both loved the combination of milk and dark chocolate with the sea salt, but our overall favourite was the dark chocolate with coconut and raspberry. The raspberry really gave the chocolate a delicious tang, followed right at the very end with a subtle hint of coconut on the palate .

We are now in a quandary, do we head off and buy more of the ones we have already enjoyed or do we work our way through the rest of the flavours? Probably both!

Seed and Bean is stocked in Waitrose, Wholefoods, Planet Organic and Daylesford, as well as various farm shops and delis. Also online at where full size bars start from £2.29 or a more limited selection of flavour mini bars from 99p.

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