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Scrumshus has rekindled my love affair with granola. I had given up on it finding so many of the brands that I had been buying tasted floury and dusty, turning to mush when milk was added, or were too sweet, or a bit short on dried fruit or nuts.

Award-winning Scrumshus was created by London mum and mortgage broker, Fay Miller, in her own kitchen. She began making the granola for her family and for friends and local charities where it proved to be a big fundraiser. With the property market collapsing and people asking for more granola Fay decided to set up her own production line, launching Scrumshus in 2011.

For the first 18 months, Fay baked 100kg of Scrumshus a day with the help of just one assistant. She did everything – from collecting the 25kg sacks of ingredients to making, packaging and delivering the finished product. It comes in a 500g non-glass jar, which in turn makes a useful storage jar when the contents have vanished.

The only sweetener in Scrumshus is natural honey and pure maple syrup, it contains no salt or preservatives; but it does include crunchy clusters of jumbo oats, coconut, almonds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, raisins and hazelnuts. My only criticism is that for my personal taste there is a tad too much coconut, but I can live with that! I like to mix Scrumshus with other breakfast cereals, or with yoghurt and fruit. Scrumshus indeed.

It is available from a number of independent food retailers at £4.99-£6.59, or online from Ocado at £4.99 per jar, and can now be found at the same price in 30 Waitrose stores.

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