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Saucy Fish Company

I like cooking, and I have no qualms about preparing or cooking fish. But then somebody recommended the Saucy Fish Company to me.

Most of the time I still do my own prep work and cooking but it is nice to have the work done for me, and to coin a phrase, I too have become hooked on the Saucy Fish Company products.

The fish is from sustainable sources and comes in a range of products such as Fish and Dressing, Cook in the Bag, Ready to enjoy Salmon, and Fishcakes. Admittedly we haven’t tried the Fishcakes yet – but we will.

The fish comes beautifully prepared and packed usually accompanied by a neat sachet of some tasty dressing – we particularly enjoyed the salmon fillet with the chilli, lime and ginger dressing and similarly the sea bass with its beurre blanc and dill dressing, but they are all good..

Prices from: £4.50 Fish and Sauce / £4.50 Foil bake bags / £3 Saucy Singles / £3 Fishcakes / £4.50

They freeze beautifully too! Highly recommended.


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