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Pilgrims Choice

For us a day without cheese is almost unimaginable. It’s a bad week if the fridge is nearly cheeseless!

For years we, along with others, fought against low fat cheese finding it far too bland, but we are pleased to say that these days there are seriously good low fat cheeses on the market.

Pilgrims Choice is a classic example.

We were staying with friends recently. One of them adores cheese but for health reasons prefers not to eat full fat varieties, so as a little surprise we took him a block of Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature Lighter to try.

Actually the whole family decided to join in. We tried it along with a slice of a mature, artisan cheddar. To be fair we knew which was which because of their different shapes. There was also a difference in texture – the artisan cheese had a more ‘granular’ texture; the result no doubt of mixing by hand compared to machine mixing. But we all agreed that the Pilgrims Choice had every bit as much flavour as the artisan cheese – good, strong and deliciously tangy.

Award-winning Pilgrims Choice cheese has been in existence for almost 30 years and together with their excellent regular cheeses consumers can also choose Pilgrims Choice Mature Lighter and Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature Lighter – both with 30% less fat.No more going without cheese from now on!

This cauliflower cheese recipe sounds pretty tasty to us, though if you are making it don’t forget that the double cream will boost its fat/calorie content.

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