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What, you might well ask, is an Olove? We did. Well, basically they are packs of flavoured olives.

Inside the small liquid free foil packs we found pitted green olives. The sachets currently come in three flavours – Basil and garlic, Lemon and garlic or Habanero chillies; each weighing just 30g and amounting to a mere 50 calories.

For anybody living on their own, or is the only one in the household who loves an occasional olive treat, these are a great solution. Keep in a stock of them – they have an 18 month shelf life and only need refrigerating once they have been opened.

Because they are liquid free they are a great snack for anybody heading off on a trip, and as they are pitted – no problem of how to get rid of the pits.

A number of airlines now offer Oloves and they are available in many countries. In the UK they can chiefly be found in Holland & Barratt, selected Shell Service stations and Wetherspoons or through Amazon. 80p – £1.

We think they are great.

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