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Newby Teas

Newby Teas, a family business with over three generations’ experience in the tea industry, was established in London in 2000.

One of the reasons for its fine quality award winning teas is the commitment applied to the selection of tea leaves during the prime harvest season. However, that selection is meaningless unless the character and freshness of the leaves are preserved. To ensure this the company has invested in a state of art preservation and packing facility in the heart of the tea-growing region in Kolkata, India. As Newby blends and packs, the leaves are handled with great care, keeping the temperature and humidity just right for each tea variety.

Given the opportunity our taster (a confirmed tea lover) likes different types of tea for different times of the day. Her normal preferred cup of breakfast tea is black and strong, but for a mid-afternoon maybe something like a fine Darjeeling or a more robust Assam, after an evening meal perhaps a comforting green/or jasmine tea. Each of the Newby Teas passed with flying colours. She found the Indian Breakfast tea had a good strength and colour, loved the delicate Jasmine Blossom (reminded her of time spent in China), thoroughly enjoyed the loose leaf Assam and much to her amazement was captivated by the Oriental Sencha – a ‘spring green tea blended with flowers and fruit flavours’. She also commented on the elegant packaging.

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