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Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Gone are the days when bottles of olive oil were bought from chemists’ shops – for medicinal purposes! And that was probably all it was good for.

And to think that today we use it not only for cooking, but also to dress salads and for dipping.

Depending on what I am cooking I do sometimes use my Morgenster olive oil for frying or to sauté, but really I prefer to drizzle this green gold over salads or a cooked dish to add an extra depth of flavour, or enjoy it with some crusty fresh bread as a dip.

Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highly acclaimed, award-winning oil from the Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate, a half hour drive from South Africa’s Cape Town. The estate dates back to 1711.

About 20 years ago Estate owner, Guilio Bertrand, imported some2000 olive trees from Italy and, following Italian new growing and production methods, set about producing olive oil. Between 2010 – 2013, Morgenster achieved 97 points out of a possible 100 in the international Flos Olei Guide to Olive Oils, one of only seven producers in the world to have achieved this score and the only South African oil. In 2014 their oil was awarded a staggering 98 points – the highest score ever awarded.

We think it is a deliciously balanced olive oil. It has an intense but not too bitter, grassy flavour along with a pronounced, yet not overpowering, peppery note which gently teases the back of the throat. We also like it because it is a ‘clean’ oil, and doesn’t leave that nasty, greasy film on the lips as do some oils. It has become an essential ingredient in our store cupboard.

Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml can be obtained through Waitrose and specialist UK retailers and costs in the region of £13.99. It is imported to the UK by The Oil Merchant, who can also help with supplies.

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