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MOR Sausages

As a family, a sausage supper has always been one of our favourites, either in casseroles, baked into toad in the hole, or enjoyed simply straight from the grill or bbq. But as we all know sausages vary enormously – some containing too much rusk or bread, others too chewy from too much meat, others too fatty. So we were intrigued when MOR sausages entered our lives.
They do, as we discovered, very definitely contain meat – three of the varieties are made from cuts of prime British pork, the fourth from chicken, and all of them are combined with vegetables, herbs and spices and filled into natural pork casings. And they contain less fat than the usual banger.
We decided it only fair that each sausage variety should be cooked in exactly the same way to give us a bench mark as to flavours. We grilled ours. Interestingly even though one or two split their skins, no fat had to be cleaned out of the grill pan.
MOR sausages
First under the grill were the Chicken, sundried tomato and basil chipolatas. We all like chicken, but in spite of the sundried tomato and basil, we found these a little too bland for our taste buds. We would have preferred them to have had a good grind of pepper incorporated into the mixture rather than having to add it later when on the plate.
Number 2 were the much more flavourful Moroccan spiced pork, cauliflower and chickpea sausages. Definitely a good, exotic, spicy flavour, but not so overpowering that children might be put off.
Number 3 were the Pork, super green veg and lentil sausages. These reminded us somewhat of the usual pork and leek sausages we often buy locally when making a casserole. But our usual sausages don’t have the addition of lentils – and we are serious lentil fans.
Fourth and finally came the sausages which one of us was least looking forward to – the Beetroot & Bramley apple sausages. (She isn’t keen on beetroot, sweet things or fruit with meat.) However, these were probably the hit of the tastings. Even our doubtful taster enjoyed the finely diced cubes of beetroot which she thought gave the sausages a sort of earthy flavour balancing very well the sweet tang of apple.
mor sausages 2
Having experimented with plain grilled sausages we are now ready to branch out and be more adventurous and enjoy them cooked in our favourite casseroles. And to give us even more serving ideas MOR offer several suggestions on their website.
Incidentally on the brightly coloured sleeve packaging – a different colour for each flavour – is a fairly discreet logo proclaiming they are also gluten-free.
MOR Sausages exclusively from Tesco, RRP £3.00 per pack.

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