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Miss Millar’s Marvellous Marshmallows

Toasting marshmallows in front of an open fire used to be one of our treats. It was fine for the pink and white commercial varieties, but no way would we be toasting Miss Millar’s marsh mallows! They are far too good and far too decadent for such a casual approach.

It all started when a café challenged Miss Millar to make some marshmallows for them. After a few trial runs the recipe was perfected. But not content with that they went one step further and decided to add different flavours and different textures to their fluffy clouds of delight.

Marshmallows have an interesting history. Legend has it that the Ancient Egyptians extracted the sap from the marshmallow plant for use as a medicine to treat sore throats. At some stage it was combinedit with the likes of egg whites, honey and nuts.

In the 19th century the sap or root of the plant was replaced with gelatine, which evidently made the marshmallows more stable (though no longer medicinal). The French added rosewater for flavouring. Then in 1948 an American invented an extruder machine and commercial marshmallows were born.

Today several producers like Miss Millar are returning to more traditional production methods and hand cutting the confections.

Miss Millar’s Marshmallow flavours and textures are delicious. Even though one of us is not a great mint lover even she enjoyed the After 8.30 Mint variety and absolutely refused to share the

Raspberry Eton Mess. We on the other hand felt much the same way about the Lavender Ginger and the Double Chocolate Chunk. There are lots of other flavours too by the way.

The marshmallows come in boxes of eight large pieces and are made fresh to order so allow three working days to receive them. They are best eaten within the first week, but will last up to four weeks in the sealed bags. They can also be refrigerated or frozen them to extend their shelf life by another month.

Available from Brighton Cakes and other Brighton outlets £4.50 per box, or online. or 

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