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Marmite, Bites and Noisy Nights (in Zambia)

Reading David Fletcher’s book Marmite, Bites and Noisy Nights does, from time to time, make you feel sorry for his wife Sandra. David, who has a keen eye for travel details and for the foibles of fellow travellers, also, it appears, has an uncontrollable desire to offer his opinions on any subject that comes to mind, often at inappropriate moment, much to Sandra’s disapproval.

Nevertheless for the reader it makes a highly entertaining read, whilst also being a superb book for anybody contemplating a safari, and in particular to Zambia and the South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi national parks.

If you finish a book, and then immediately start to read it again in case you missed anything, it’s a good book – and that is exactly what we did.

Luckily David has written several other travel books in the Brian’s World Series – enough to keep us entertained and informed for some time longer.

One word of warning though – don’t read this book on crowded public transport – you might find yourself laughing out loud.

Marmite, Bites and Noisy Nights (in Zambia). David Fletcher. ISBN: 978-1-78306-330-7-00900. Paperback. £9.


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