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London for Foodies, Gourmets & Gluttons

A friend and I had arranged to meet for lunch in London, but where to eat was the problem. Neither of us wanted to spend too much money, we wanted somewhere fairly central, that did interesting food, had some nice wine, was stylish, and had a good atmosphere as well.

So, thank you David Hampshire and Graeme Chesters for coming to the rescue with your useful guide ‘London for Foodies, Gourmets & Gluttons’. On flicking through the illustrated pages looking for inspiration we found the very restaurant we wanted. Brasserie Zedel –an old favourite of ours but one which had slipped our memory, ticked all the boxes.

The guide has succinct write-ups about restaurants, and not only restaurants. Included in the book is also information about artisan and specialist food shops, cafes, pubs, cookery classes, tearooms, markets and street food as well as some interesting suggestions for places to sample cocktails, spirits, wines and beer.

The guide has earnt its place on our bookshelf. Cheers!

London for Foodies, Gourmets & Gluttons. David Hampshire and Graeme Chesters. ISBN: 978-1909282-76-6. £11.95. Survival Books.  and

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