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Jamonprivé sells Spanish ham and cured meats online. To be more accurate – Jamonprivé sells exceedingly good Spanish ham and cured meats online, backed up by an excellent delivery service.

We tried two products from one of the company’s suppliers Ibéricos Dehesa Casablanca. The sliced chorizo and ham in their elegant black packets arrived direct from the supplier within about three days. We had been slightly worried about this method of delivery – ordering from Jamonprive, but with the order fulfilled by the supplier.

However, the system worked wonderfully and as Jamonprive explains it makes for a more efficient process and helps to keep the cost down.

The flavour of the meats was delicious thanks no doubt to the animals’ diet of acorns. (It took one of us some while to realise that the subtle logo on the packaging was actually depicting an oak tree plus five acorns!).

We enjoyed them served on a platter with cheese. Don’t forget to take the meat out of the fridge and come to room temperature for about an hour before serving it.

We also loved the ham wrapped round a few spears of asparagus and lightly cooked with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. And we do want to try Jamonprive’s recipe for ham wrapped round steamed chicory – we reckon the bitterness of the chicory would be a perfect balance with the salty succulence of the ham.

Apart from the packets and boxes of sliced meat, whole hams are also supplied as well as a range of ham holders and special knives for anybody who really wants to go to town and carve their own meat off the bone.

Jamonprive can arrange delivery to 30 countries. Iberico Ham and


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