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Heinz Beans

Who remembers the advertising slogan Beanz means Heinz? We certainly do. And much to our delight Heinz have taken their beanz one step further than our favourite baked beans. They have now brought out a range of Heinz Beanz and Pulses, and very good they are too.

The range is perfect for folk like us who don’t have the inclination, or time, to cook their own beans and pulses from scratch. We find it so much quicker, easier and safer to open a tin and add them to whatever dish we are preparing.

Choose from Fajita Beanz, Veg Chilli Beanz and Tuscan Beanz.

We started off with the Tuscan Beanz – cannellini beans in a roasted garlic, basil and chunky tomato sauce. They would be great mixed with pasta but we opted to pop them into a basic chicken casserole. They enlivened the simple dish wonderfully. We plan on doing the same thing with the Fajita Beanz – pinto beans in a chilli, coriander and lime sauce.

Chilli con carne has always been one of our favourite suppers and the Veg Chilli Beanz – red kidney beans in a tomato salsa and smoked chilli sauce – will be a great addition.

It is hard to believe that Heinz Baked Beans, which we take so much for granted these days, has been around for over 100 years. Congratulations Heinz and we are pretty sure that your new range will be just as popular too.

Heinz Beanz and Pulses are available nationwide RRP £1.29 

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