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Godiva Truffes Légendaires

You only have to look at the elegantly crafted brown coffret with its orange trim, orange bow and elegant gold label and you know that lurking inside is going to be something very special.

Looking more closely at the label I realised that it depicted a tiny horse ridden by a woman with long flowing hair. A little research revealed that in Belgium in 1926 Joseph Draps, a master chocolatier, developed a formula for a rich, smooth high quality chocolate. He named his company Godiva as a tribute to Lady Godiva (a woman of spirit and humanity) who proposed to ride a horse naked through the streets of Coventry to persuade her husband not to impose heavy taxes on the people. She did, and her husband repealed the tax.

Even to this day the company’s Lady Godiva programme supports women, nationally and locally who embody the qualities of that first Lady Godiva.

The Truffes Legendaires are certainly worthy of that spirited lady.

Each of the truffles represents a highlight in the company’s truffle making history. The collection starts in 1946 with the intense dark chocolate cream confection of the Truffe Draps. To represent the 1950’s there is the Truffe Draps Praline, a creamy chocolate and praline mousse; for the 1960’s the Explorateur , cocoa nibs set in a silky milk chocolate cream ; for the 1980’s the elegant Mathilde, a coffee ganache in dark chocolate; the 1990’s the Noir Intense made with 80% Ugandan cocoa and for 2000, the Truffe Perle Noire created to celebrate Joseph Drapps favourite ingredients.

All the chocolates are fabulous, but our personal favourite the subtle blend of flavours that go into the 2000 Perle Noire. Stunning!

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