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Gin & Tonic: The Complete Guide for the Perfect Mix

Gin & Tonic: The Complete Guide for the Perfect Mix is one of those books you hardly dare pick up because you can’t put it down. It leads the reader so effortlessly onto the next topic that before you know it an entire hour has passed by.

Having not touched gin after an unfortunate experience in my 20s it was with great trepidation about two years ago that I took that first tentative sip. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, it was delicious and thanks to that gin, Gin Mare, I have not looked back since.

Authors Frédéric Du Bois and Isabel Boons obviously rate Gin Mare too; describing it as a ‘super-premium gin [with] a character all of its own and a balance that is unlike any other gin on the market’. They recommend Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water to go with it. Our choice too.

But what I did learn from this fascinating book is that they also recommend 1724 Tonic Water to accompany it. In the section of the book devoted to tonic waters I learn that 1724 was created by the same people who produce Gin Mare.

This fascinating, delightfully written book teaches us that there are over 150 sorts of gin and 20 sorts of tonic water; their history; the gin families and types; the practicalities – tasting, the right glass, measure; food and gin & tonic and recipes using gin, as well as some of the best bars in the world serving this special tipple.

A fascinating book with bubbles of information as crisp and delicious as a gin and tonic itself.

Gin & Tonic: The Complete Guide for the Perfect Mix. Frédéric Du Bois and Isabel Boons. Lannoo Publishers. ISBN 9-789401-41423-4. £19.50.

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