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Gaea Olive Oil

Olive Oil has been produced in Greece for some 4000 years and is recognised both for its purity and taste. Moreover, more than 80% of its oil is classified as extra virgin.

Gaea Products was founded in 1995 and today offers the essential traditional ingredients necessary for Greek cuisine. Included in that range is also a selection of award winning extra virgin olive oils – the first in the world to have been certified Carbon Neutral.

We tasted two of the olive oils, one from Kalamata in the Southern Peloponnese the other from Sitia in Eastern Crete.

The oil from Kalamata is cold pressed, and made from an exclusively Greek olive variety “Koroneiki”. This extra virgin olive oil has been internationally chosen by experts because of its carefully balanced fresh-green flavour and peppery aftertaste. We thought it gloriously peppery, great for bread dipping and also for gently drizzling over dishes prior to serving.

The oil from Sitia, is renowned for its rich intensely fruity flavour, gentle aroma and green colour. Made exclusively from handpicked and cold pressed “Koroneiki” olives, the oil has won many awards. We found it delicious, light with a splash of pepper reminding us of Greek holidays. Good as a salad dressing, a dip for bread and as a base for a mixed salad dressing and, best of all for our taster, ‘pouring some into an avocado half and eating’.

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