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Funkin Cocktail Mixers

It has to be said – we enjoy cocktails.
We’ve attempted making our own, but they’ve never been too successful as we don’t have the proper equipment, and the ingredients can sometimes be a problem too. We’ve tried making our own sugar syrups and fruit purees. They were ok, but…
Consequently there was a huge sigh of relief when we discovered Funkin Cocktail Mixers. What a revelation. Within a couple of minutes we had a very good cocktail to hand with the minimum of effort.
There are three Funkin Cocktail Mixers on offer – Strawberry Daiquiri, Passion Fruit Martini and Skinny Mojito.
The Skinny Mojito was very good, but our least favourite. It is comparatively low calorie (great news), and sharply refreshing but it is very minty. We really prefer to make a mojito to our own taste with our own fresh mint. However we would certainly try it again, serve it to guests, and happily sip away with them.
funkin passionfruit
A lot of research has gone into making the fruit purees. The Strawberry Daiquiri we discovered is actually made from three different varieties of strawberries from two different countries. The Passion fruit for the Passion Fruit Martinis come from Ecuador, the mangoes from India and the Persian limes from Mexico. We loved them both, but our favourite, by a short head, is the Passion Fruit Martini.
What makes the Funkin Cocktails Mixers so special is that they come in their own disposable cocktail shaker – all you have to do is add the alcohol, ice and shake. If you prefer a Mocktail add ice, lemonade or soda water. However, it is recommended that you don’t shake a Mocktail. We like it that they have no artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings.
Whilst there is of course the cost of the alcohol to be considered we reckon that at £4 RRP per shaker serving four glasses they are remarkably good value. We certainly hope that Funkin Cocktails bring out some more Mixers soon.
Available fromTesco stores.

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