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Fray Bentos pies

As a family we always enjoyed a meat pie. Mother’s meat pies were legendary a combination of slow cooked meat which produced a delicious gravy, all topped with her excellent short crust pastry. I can make a pretty tasty meat pie too – but time often escapes me, and on those occasions I do like, dare I say it, to have in something ready-made just in case!

Fray Bentos is almost as iconic as the Tower of London and has been producing canned meat products for as long as I can remember; which was how we came to have a couple of Fray Bentos deep fill meat pies – a ‘rich steak and mushroom’ and a ‘smooth chicken and mushroom’ – to hand.

Of the two the steak and mushroom pie was our favourite, there were some good meaty chunks in a very tasty gravy. Next time we will buy the regular chicken pie because we really prefer chunky meat. Nevertheless the flavour of sauce with the chicken was also good.

We did have trouble with the puff pastry crust however. The top layer of pastry puffed up gloriously but the remaining pastry sank down into the gravy and became soggy. Though to be honest it might be the fault of our oven, which has been something of a disaster. It certainly hasn’t stopped us from buying more.

Prices for above two deep fill pies: RRP: 400g £2.19; 200g £1.49.The full range of Fray Bentos pies can be found at

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