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Death by Burrito – The Cookbook

Shay Ola is one of the driving forces behind the highly acclaimed Death by Burrito restaurant based at the Catch bar in Shoreditch.

Forget Tex-Mex style Mexican cooking these recipes are in a class of their own.

The restaurant makes its own mole and corn tortillas and Shay shares their recipes in the book.

Following on from instructions on how to make corn tortillas are explanations on different types of the chillies used, along with other essential ingredients like herbs and spices, garnishes and even cheese.

We are great fans of crab cakes and are particularly interested in Shay’s recipes which includes fresh gooseberries – definitely one to try.

As are several of the tacos recipes with their interesting flavours such as Confit duck and mango, plus the burritos – Quinoa, pumpkin and mushroom caught our eye.

One of us is not a rice pudding fan, but nevertheless the Arros con leche sounds delicious. And we do like cocktails – also included in the book.

Incidentally the Method section of each recipe has been beautifully written, clearly and patiently spelling out all the procedures involved.

Death By Burrito – The Cookbook. Shay Ola. ISBN 978-1-84533-908-7. £16.99. Mitchell Beazley, Octopus Books.

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