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Cracker Drinks

The Cracker Drinks Company has been making juice drinks since 2005 and prides itself on its expert team of mixologists who create their wonderfully fruity flavoured drinks. Their juice drinks contain no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours and importantly, they are made not from concentrates but from fresh fruit.

We sampled two varieties – Mango & Passion Fruit and Pineapple, Guava & Lime. We all thought the flavours were gorgeous, and worked really well together though maybe a little on the sweet side for us. However, that was fairly easily rectified with a slice or squeeze of either lemon or lime respectively. Quite independently we found them very enjoyable over ice and also great bases for cocktails.

Other flavours – Blueberry and Blackberry; Apple, Strawberry and Cranberry; Apple & Lychee and Still & Cloudy Lemonade.

The RRP for the litre carton is £1.89 and Cracker Drinks are available from all major supermarkets.

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