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Cracker Drinks – Apple, Mint & Lime

To sit alongside their already established range of Mango & Passionfruit; Pineapple, Coconut & Lime; and Still & Cloudy Lemonade drinks Cracker Drinks Co have brought out a new flavour – Apple, Mint & Lime.
What we like about the range is that Cracker tells us it is completely natural and free from artificial sweeteners, with only Stevia to add a little extra sweetness. Plus it is only 90 calories a serving, and evidently counts as 1 of our 5 a day.

The tasters

One teenager, one 22 year old and three adults took the taste test. Only two of us knew exactly what they were drinking. The three ‘blind’ tasters could only detect lime and mint, whereas we two, who knew what we were drinking could identify a subtle sweetness of apple behind the fairly strong mint and lime flavour.
Our youngest taster described the taste as bitter sweet; the 20 year old described it as refreshing and she reckoned it would be great for summer drinking. Two older adults also found it refreshing, but for one of them, along with the two younger tasters it was not quite sweet enough. The two who don’t have particularly sweet-teeth really enjoyed it and agreed that they will be heading for the supermarkets to buy more. One taster experimented with a measure of rum and plans on enjoying it as a long, summer cocktail.
Two of us commented on the packaging, liking it for its ease of pouring and also the clear graphic design, viewable from all sides – showing exactly what it is.
Apple, Mint & Lime, along with the full range, is available in 1L packs and cost £1.50 per litre from UK supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s Waitrose and Asda.

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