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Colourfast Peppers

Peppers are good for us and we are being encouraged to eat more of them. They are high in vitamin C – there is three times more vitamin C in a red pepper than in an orange; and they are very versatile. They can be cooked or eaten raw, and can even be used in items like cakes or smoothies.

Research shows that more than 60% of us consciously base our purchases on a certain colour or mix of colours. Red is the most selected colour (29%), followed by yellow (23%), green (19%) and a mix of peppers (17%). The differences in flavour and use are the most important spontaneously mentioned reasons for a colour preference.

Red peppers, along with yellow and orange, are chosen for their sweet flavour as well as for their colourful contribution to dishes. Whereas green peppers are bought because they go well with a variety of dishes such as curry, Chinese dishes, stuffed peppers and pasta.

Colourfultaste is a consortium of pepper producers from the Netherlands, supported with finance from the EU to encourage us to learn more about the benefits of peppers and how to use them. Learn more about peppers the colourful and cheery website It is also packed with useful hints and recipes.

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