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Bottoms Up in Belgium

Alec Le Sueur freely admits that until 1993 he had never been to Belgium. But then he fell in love with Conny, a Belgian girl. 

He also discovered Belgian beer.

During his quest to learn more about Belgian beer he turned his attention to other aspects of Belgian life too – like cockerel singing and Formula 1 racing – pointing out as he puts it some of the ‘complexities behind this outwardly ordinary appearing country’.

Alec turns his gentle and perceptive wit to amongst other interesting topics the tiny, iconic, incontinent Mannekin-Pis statue which draws tourists from all over the world, the European Union, Eurovision, comic art, chocolate and chips.

And yes he can name 10 famous Belgians – considerably more in fact.

The final pages of the book return to obviously one of his favourite subjects – beer, with notes and ratings on specific beers and a checklist for some 500 beer types for anybody who might want to work their way through them!

It makes for a highly entertaining read coupled with interesting facts and stories about Belgium and its people. We very much enjoyed it.

Bottoms up in Belgium Alec Le Sueur. Summersdale. ISBN: 978-1-84953-247-1. £8.99. Available from Amazon

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