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Balance: The Australian Wholefood Cookbook

Guy Turland is a self-confessed health fanatic – passionate about healthy, wholesome food. He is also a chef and owner of the Depot Café in Bondi Beach, and the Bondi Harvest café in LA on Santa Monica beach.

When not cooking or staring in the popular YouTube cooking show Bondi Harvest you could well find him free diving and surfing off that famous beach with his business partner – film maker and photographer – Mark Alston.

Over 180 recipes

Their book Balance features over 180 recipes, inspired we are told by Bondi Beach’s healthy and vibrant life style. Certainly you could almost say that energy and joie de vivre bounce off the pages of the book – thanks to the terrific pictures and the recipes.

Initially we were slightly worried at the prospect of making our own protein powders, fermented, pickled veg and the teas and elixirs.

But having got over that hurdle we positively galloped through reading the recipes. There are now so many we want to try.

The waffles and pancakes look great

The waffles and pancakes look great, the tartines even better. The tandoori salmon skewers with turmeric flatbreads look delicious, likewise the zucchini and eggplant lasagne, the dry aged rib-eye steaks and as for the pork chops with sweet and sour apples and polenta – yummy. And sweet treat lovers haven’t been left out either.

Apart from the enticing range of recipes that take us through the day, at the end of the book is a sensible section about Basics – what oil to use, along with how-to-make instructions and even food storage tips.

An inspirational book

A truly inspirational book for anybody wishing to follow a wholefood diet, or for folk like us who simply want to enjoy healthy, delicious looking meals..

Balance: The Australian Wholefood Cookbook. Guy Turland and Mark Alston.
ISBN 978-0-7322-9987-3. £20

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