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At The Mountain Pass – Alta Badia

Tucked away in the beautiful Italian Dolomites are six pretty villages making up the resort of Alta Badia. It is a rather special place. Not only has the resort’s magnificent scenery been recognised as a UNESCO natural heritage site, it has also made a name for itself as a year round destination perfect for skiing during the winter months and for its summer activities.

It is a rural community proud of its unique Ladin language and for its ancient customs and traditions that are still played out today. It has also built up a reputation for its gourmet food.

Winter or summer the Alta Badia is proud of its gastronomy, which ranges from good agritourismo cooking using homemade produce to traditional Ladin cuisine to fine dining establishments some with Michelin stars.

Alta Badia Lavarela during the Enrosadira by Freddy Planinschek

Peaks of Gastronomy

This summer the Alta Badia community is commemorating the soldiers who fought during the First World War on and around its mountains. There will be many events, such as walks and exhibitions taking place until 21 September.

One of them, Peaks of Gastronomy, takes place in eight of the Alta Badia’s mountain huts, and involves renowned chefs taking the simple ingredients of the soldiers’ diet and turning them into gourmet meals – served in mess tins.

Alta Badia Ciastl Colz with Sellagruppe in the background by Freddy Planinschek

Participating chefs, restaurants and mountain huts

Ütia Lèe, Restaurant Malga Panna, chef Paolo Donei – Herb soup with beetroot cappelletti and potato millefeuille; Ütia I Tablà, Restaurant La Stüa de Michil, chef Arturo Spicocchi – Smoked pork shank, stewed beans and potatoes; Ütia de Bioch, Restaurant St.Hubertus , chef Norbert Niederkofler – Potato and poppy “Schupfnudel” with plum jam and yoghurt ice cream; Piz Arlara, Restaurant Laite, chef Fabrizia Meroi -Dumplings carpaccio with farmhouse cheese, smoked shank, wild mixed leaves and apple dressing; Ütia Pralongià, Restaurant Rosengarten, chef Simon Taxache – Toasted flour soup with dumplings; Ütia Mesoles, Restaurant Locanda San Lorenzo, chefs Renzo Dal Farra e Paolo Speranzon – Corned veal shoulder; Ütia Jimmy, Restaurant Tilia, chef Chris Oberhammer – Hotpot with pasta, potatoes, kale and forest mushrooms and Ütia Scotoni, Restaurant La Siriola, chef Matteo Metullio -Trout salad, apple, rye bread, cabbage and sheep’s ricotta cheese.

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