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Around the Kitchen Table

Around the Kitchen Table was written by Penny Ericson, in conjunction with her husband Simon Hawkins, along with Barbara Parry and Simon Firullo from the Chemo Cookery Club, ‘to support people with cancer and their carers’.

There are, as Penny says ‘many special diets in the media and on bookshelves’. This book is not one of them. It features highly nutritious recipes which are designed to build up strength and thereby aid recovery. The meals have also been designed to tempt jaded taste buds with interesting flavours and are easy to make by the patient, or a busy carer.

Along with the recipes are ‘thumbs-up’ scores indicating the nutritional values of each dish. The recipes are also calorie counted for anybody wishing to lose or gain weight, for whatever reason.

The book is well set out and the recipes clear and wonderfully easy to follow, with good photography by Simon Firullo. We particularly liked the list of Friendly Foods – items that all of us should be including in our diets. At the back of the book there is also a really useful Conversion Chart of weights and measures; sensible Basics tips and a Glossary.

But the star of the show – or rather the book – is the recipes themselves – they made me want to leap up from the computer, head for the kitchen and make something simple and delicious for supper.

Around the Kitchen Table. Chemo Cookery Club. Penny Ericson. ISBN: 978-0-9565771-1-5. The book is not available to buy but can be downloaded FREE by clicking on the link at

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