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Ambrosia is actually classified as a magazine, but with its many pages and just two issues a year it is a magazine with a difference. This is definitely a magazine to inspire and keep.

The first issue, which was launched the latter part of 2015, takes readers along 750 miles of Mexico’s west coast, the Baja Peninsula.

Here, you meet some of the local chefs, hear their stories and share their recipes.

Through a series of interviews with each chef we learn of their interests, inspirations and aspirations, be they chefs producing food for a roadside stand, or a Michelin-starred restaurant.

All the chefs have one aim – to produce interesting, tasty food showcasing the region’s cuisine.

Each interview in this 120+ page magazine is fully and beautifully illustrated. £13.99.

Issue no 2 now available features Denmark. Ambrosia Volume 2: Demark. Digital Ventures.

ISBN: 9780986296246.

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