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A L’Olivier Black Fruity Virgin Olive Oil

A L’Olivier Black Fruity Virgin Olive Oil, or ‘Black n Fruity’ as it has become affectionately called in this household, is a delicious olive oil made from Provencal olives.

Tasting notes say that its ‘fruity taste, with surprising hints of cacao, black olive and mushroom leaves a delicious buttered sensation on the tongue. In all honesty I can’t pick up ‘cacao’ but happily concur with the rest of the statement.

Evidently the oil is the result of ripe olives harvested at the end of November and being stored (rather than the more usual immediate pressing). This allows the fruit to ferment a little, thereby giving the oil its special black olive taste.

The PDO certified, and award-winning, oil comes in a black metal tin in order to protect it from the light, one of the principal causes of oxidation. These metal containers also have the advantage of being lighter and stronger than glass bottles. The tins do however, make it somewhat difficult for the consumer to know when the tin is nearly empty and that a new one should be purchased!

The A L’Olivier story dates back to 1822, when a French pharmacist, M Popelin, sold olives from a stall in the Marais district of Paris. The olives rapidly gained a reputation for high quality, which still holds good today.

We like to have different olive oils to hand depending on what we are cooking/eating but this one is rapidly becoming one of our favourites. One of the snacks we have always loved is to take some good fresh crusty bread, spreading it with butter and eat it as is. Sorry butter, but today we would rather have that crusty bread drizzled with Black n Fruity!

A L’Olivier Black Fruity Virgin Olive Oil costs £13.50 for a 25cl tin and in the UK can be obtained from a number of specialist food stores, including Harrods Food Hall and from The Oil Merchant –

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